Our experiences with the coronavirus (class 6a – Lontzen)

Die Klasse 6a hat mit der Klassenlehrerin Nadine Lontzen ihre Erfahrungen mit dem Corona-Virus beschrieben, natürlich auf Englisch und natürlich digital organisiert. Wir freuen uns sehr, an dieser Stelle einige Beispiele dafür zu veröffentlichen.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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We haven’t had school since Friday 13th because of the coronavirus and now there are a lot of bad changes in our lives.

It is a weird feeling not to know what exactly is happening or what will happen. Before the coronavirus we could never imagine how it would be to stay at home all the time and not to meet anyone. Many people are afraid of the virus, because the people hear very terrible news of our neighboring countries. Another change is that most of the stores are closed and there are many people who wear medical masks to protect themselves. Only the stores that we really need, for example, supermarkets are still opened. Most of the people are making huge purchases or fight for toilet paper. There are worse things. Humans are dying! In this crisis we realize how important many jobs are. Shop assistants, nurses, truck drivers, doctors… are very significant and they still need to work for us even though they could be infected with the coronavirus. I think that everyone learned to appreciate the life that we had, the life that we will hopefully have in a few months again.

I am also not allowed to go outside or meet my family. My grandma is seventy and my other grandma recently had her last chemotherapy – that is why I can’t meet them. But we phone each other. I also call my friends. Even my little sister (six years old) calls her friend almost every day. We also get emails with tasks from our teachers so that we can do them at home. I made myself a timetable so I can do everything just like I do it at home.

I really hope the situation will get better.
Stay at home and stay save.

Lara Nur

 Coronavirus is a virus that infected thousands of people all over the world and in Germany, too. It is highly infectious and quite dangerous, especially for older people.
Because of the virus our school was closed, so we had to stay at home. Getting the information that we suddenly had five weeks school-free was a strange feeling for me. On the one side it was cool to have free time, but on the other side it was sad not to meet my friends and teachers at school.
My daily routine in these days was not normal. My parents wanted us to have quite a normal timetable, so we had to get up early every day. Our teachers send us tasks for school, so that we can learn at home. My daily plan was always like this: First in the morning I got up and read a book for one to two hours. Then I ate breakfast and started with my school task. It was a lot of work every day and took some time. For a break I watched the TV show “Sendung mit der Maus” with my little sister and sometimes we also did sport by following the instructions of the youtube sports channel of Alba Berlin. When I finished my school tasks, I played online computer games for an hour. There I met my cousin and some friends from my school (Andi, Calvin, Robin, Arif and some more). After that we had lunch and, in the afternoon, we played board games with the family or went on a walk. In the evening we sometimes watched TV. After that I ate dinner with my family and went to bed.
I did things that I usually don’t do, like spending a lot of time with my sister, playing more computer games, staying at home all day and sometimes talking to my friends on the phone. My parents also had to stay at home, but they still had to work – they called it home office.
When I come back to school, I am sure that I will feel very happy, because then I can see my friends again. I hope nobody of my family and in the school will get the coronavirus. But if it happens, I am confident that it will get better soon.
Stay at home and wash your hands often, then we will see us again soon.


 I want to tell you something about my experiences with the coronavirus.
When I heard school was supposed to close, I was scared because you don`t hear that every day. We get new tasks every week in English, Maths etc. I don ́t think it`s a good idea to close the school for a such a long time because it is difficult to learn the new school material by ourselves and I also miss my friends very much. It is very boring at home and I don ́t know what I can do. The good thing is I can sleep long. If the school starts, I will be very happy to see my friends. Yesterday the day was actually ok. I tried something new and baked a cake. In the last two weeks I often phoned my friends - that was very funny but I also did a lot in the household.

Here are a few things you can do at home:
1. Bake a cake
2. Take cool photos
3. Clean up your room
4. Help your parents
5. Make a fashion show
6. Do your homework

Stay at home you can also have fun at home. Enjoy the time with your family. I hope you and your family stay healthy.


 In this article I would like to write about my experience with coronavirus. I have many different points, which I would like to share with you. Let’s start.
What should you do if you don’t want to get the coronavirus?
First, you have to wash your hands carefully when you come home or if you touch something. Second, you mustn’t visit your grandparents because if they get the coronavirus they can die. Third, you should cough into your arms. Moreover, you should stay at home because then you can’t get the coronavirus and that’s good for you, for your family and for other people.
Why should we stay at home?
We should stay at home because if we do that we can’t get infected or infect other people. If we stay at home and avoid personal contact, we can’t get the coronavirus and the virus will disappear. So, stay at home! You can use this time not only for learning but also for tidying up your room. 😊
My own opinion on coronavirus
I think it’s good that we don’t go to school because if one person in our school had the coronavirus, we would all get it. That’s why it is so important that we learn at home and wait until the school is safe again. The only time I go outside is when I do sports, but of course I mustn’t meet other people. However, it is important that you keep contact to your friends: not in person but per video call or on the telephone. You should also often call your grandparents, so that they don’t feel lonely.
I hope you enjoyed reading my article and can understand my points. And don’t forget: STAY AT HOME AND OFTEN WASH YOUR HANDS!
I wish you and your family all the best!

Kind regards

Lara K.

 The horror of coronavirus

Since the school closures in Oberhausen (starting on 16th March 2020) my life changed dramatically.
On Friday, 13th March 2020 when I went home from school my parents told me that all schools will be closed from 16th March 2020 to 19th April 2020 to contain the coronavirus.
First, I was happy. I thought: “Cool, I'm on vacation for 5 weeks!”
But my parents explained my little brother and me that things will change from now on and that school and kindergarden closures were not decided for fun. They told us that everybody has to keep a safety distance of at least 1.5 metres.
At the weekend I noticed first changes:
My football club cancelled all matches, my grandparents were no longer allowed to visit us, my parents cancelled a meeting with my neighbours and my brother and I were not allowed to go to planned birthday parties.
That wasn´t funny anymore. We had been looking forward to the parties!
To distract ourselves we (my parents, my brother and I) did many things together. We played badminton and football on the garage yard as long as there were no other people and we played board games. I was even allowed to play computer games.
All in all the weekend was great and I was looking forward to my first week of home schooling.
But home schooling wasn’t as cool as I thought. My teachers sent me exercises by e-mail with deadlines. There was a lot to do and it was a big problem for me to work sitting alone in my room with no classmates. It was so boring. I looked out of the window and saw the beautiful weather but I had to work, work, work. I had no motivation.
Moreover, I needed help for some of the exercises and I couldn´t ask teachers or classmates. That´s why I asked my parents. But my parents were really stressed. Both work for IT- companies. Since the school closures IT companies had a lot to do (for example home office set ups). Therefore, I had to do my homework mostly by myself.
But the worst of all was that I had no football training and I wasn´t able to see my friends. It was terrible!
The only good thing about coronavirus was that I did more things together with my family than usual.


 For a couple of weeks people only talked about the coronavirus and were very scared, that's why many shops were really empty, because people stayed at home the most of the time. My parents told me not to go outside and play with other kids because they didn't want me to get infected.
All schools in Germany were closed to avoid infections, close contact and increase of cases. In this time the students received their homework by e-mail and had to reply to send their results. All tests that were planned before the Easter holidays were postponed.
The virus itself wasn't dangerous for young people, but for older people like grandparents or people who have a disease can get infected fast and there is even a risk that they could die once they got the virus. The coronavirus could easily be transmitted from one person to another, so that it was recommended by doctors that especially children should stay away from their grandparents for the next weeks. Restaurants weren't allowed to serve their food in the store, customers could only buy it for take away.
The most important thing was the hygiene, everybody should wash their hands many times a day and use disinfection as well.
The government decided that all shops had to close if they were not essential. Only urgent places like the doctor's office, pharmacies and supermarkets were still allowed to open. The situation in the supermarkets was very chaotic because people were nearly fighting about special items like noodles, toilet paper, pampers, baby wipes or disinfection sprays.
All in all, the whole situation was very unusual for me. It was hard to stay at home only and not to see my friends and teachers for a very long time.